I want as many people as possible to recognize that the accountant is not a necessary bad

Zoltán Marczali’s personal purpose is to break down negative stereotypes towards accountants and tax professionals in as many people as possible. The accountant is not enemy, he is not the soldier of the state who sucks the blood of the entrepeneur, but an useful helper who can advance the business. A good professional can make his customers easily understand the tax and accounting processes, but also can support the successful enterpreneurs in making decisions.

It is not that people misjudge accountants: in practice, there are many cases indeed, where accounting as a service means only data recording and the preparation of compulsory declarations. MASC started with an innovative approach from the very beginning: accounting can also be made also in a different way. In fact, there will come the time soon, when only this procedure will have reason for existence.

What the accounting will look like in the future?

It seems that the traditional accounting service, which only prepares declarations and gets the duties over, will not survive….

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Message from the future

If not the largest, but MASC Ltd. is certainly one of the most special accounting offices in Győr, which assigns all its services to support its customers as much as possible. Among others, by the digital service available under the brandname MZ/X that support the operation of the companies with its up-to-date and clear data which can be interpreted for those working in decision-making positions.

Zoltán Marczali, the head of the 15-year-old accounting office, has set a clear direction for his enterprise: instead of such usual „metrics” as the size of the office or the number of customers, they rise out of competing offices with their innovative approach. „I would like as many people as possible to recognise that the accountant is not a necessary evil, but really important and useful supportive partner for all businesses.” – says the managing director. His personal purpose to break down the negative stereotypes towards accountants and tax professionals in as many people as possible; he believes that a good professional can not only make the tax and accounting processes easy to understand for its clients but also can support the successful enterpreneurs in making decisions.

Tax returns are no longer enough

MASC’s mission is to support businesses in making decisions aiming for the economic, ethical and long-term operation.

The new service of the firm born in this spirit is MZ/X, which – not by chance – was named after the cartoon hero from the future. The digital service really brings the practice of the future to MASC customers, basing the relation between the enterprises and their accounting offices on a completely new foundation.

The MZ/X service was primarily designed to make accountants’ work faster, easier and most supportive. On the other hand it was inspired by the domestic and international tax trends, which are increasingly pointing in the direction that that by the widening range of compulsory data reportings – on the basis of the data arriving at the tax authority – in the future, NAV is to prepare most of the tax returns. So, the usual tasks of accounting offices will radically change in the near future: instead of the „simple” administrative service, they have to increasingly play a supportive and an advisory role. Recognizing this, MASC – among the first – was looking for new purposes, so MZ/X was born.

Valuable, always up-to-date data

But what does it mean in practice? MASC creates a personalized, secure virtual storage for each of its partners using MZ/X service, where they can upload all the important documents related to their business: invoice, bank statement, bill of delivery, etc. and they can do that 24 hours a day, actually from any point of the world. The professionals of MASC process these documents that arrive in the digital document library ont he next working day, so they can always provide their customers with up-to-date information. The information, reports gained from up-to-date data are reloaded to the storage by them, where the customers can access these 24 hours a day, anytime and from anywhere. It results that the enterpreneurs can always stay up-to-date regarding the financial condition of their company – e.g. concerning the amont of VATto be paid – thus they can make their business decisions on the basis of fresh and relevant data.

This added value, the recircing of data needed in the life of companes in a meaningful form and in real time makes the MZ/X service special. And this professional support – accountancy, financial, taxation, wages and labour – is with which MASC helps in leading a company and planning consiously, namely the long-term and effective operation. Thus, the accountancy professionals working with the new approach, work for the a.m. purposes not only in the tax return period but continuously, supporting the customers. And this does not cost more than the traditional accountancy services.

Each client gets any number of accesses to MZ/X system, the digital document storage of the companies. For example, it is important if an enterprise has more than one site, furthermore, privileges of different level can be assigned to each access.

Instead of „the necessary evil”

Many enterpreneurs are not even aware of that the data they have how widely can help the operation and the effectivenes of their firm. Naturally, only if these data are processed and interpreted in expert hands using modern methods. These data had already been there at the accountants, but their work was almost exclusively levels at fulfilling reports and other obligations expected by the authorities. In general, neither the professional background nor the working method and capacity of the accounting offices allowed more.

90% of the attention of company managers is focused on the actual activity of the enterprise – production, services – and there is rarely enough capacity for the administration that supports these. „Admin” is usually the necessary „evil”, many small businesses cannot even employ a financial professional. We work for them.” – says Zoltán Marczali.

MASC takes the burden off the shoulders of business managers and offers a real support to its customers, regardless of company size, with a new approach, rather than simple service work. MZ/X is a message from the future for those who want to run their business consciously and in accordance with modern expectations.

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