Payroll, labour and social security administration

Smooth and performance-oriented operation can only be achieved in the case of an enterprise, if the employees are always paid on time and ont he basis of accurate accounts. It does not pose a particular challenge if the enterprise has one or two employees. But for 30, 100 or possibly 10.000 workers, payroll is far from easy. Serious professional knowledge and infrastructure is needed if we want numbers to match on paydays. We ensure the professional background for this – we always work quickly, accurately and discreetly.

At the moment we carry out payroll activities for small and medium-sized enterprises, but it does not make problem for us the human resource, payroll and social security administration for a really large company with up to 10.000 people.

What activities are included in payroll, labour and social security administration in practice?

  • We provide a full service:
  • Consulting during the preparation of employment contracts and other labour documents
  • Reporting, recruitment and exit of the employees
  • Taxation: calculation and recording of taxes to be paid by employers and employees
  • Administration related to pension  contributions (notification, OEP registry, payment)
  • Public authority data services
  • Administration in connection with employment contracts (reporting of diseases, holidays, calculation of discounts for children)
  • Social security administration: administration required for the rating of incapacity for work and  family support benefits (e.g. sickness benefit of childcare (GYÁP), infant care fee (CSED), childcare fee (GYED) etc.), preparation of quarterly and annual reports to authorities, reclaims

In the context of payroll and labour, it is particularly true, that we always have to be up to date  with the knowledge of laws and regulations and in the field of their application. Mistakes can result serious financial consequences! We have 17 years of experience and adequate, state-of-the-art infrastucture, so we can do precise, responsible work in this area. but we strive for 

Wages are accounted monthly, within the time limit indicated in the contract. Although we still have customers from wich we currently receive data for monthly payroll on paper, but we strive for having this activity 100% by e-mail or online. We try to achieve online payroll in the field of both data receiption and reporting on our part.

The same applies to the process of exit and entry. We receive the data by e-mail, and we send the wage documents and the amounts of the monthly tax- and contributions to be paid to the employer or its contact person also by e-mail, within the time limit indicated in the contract.

Labour counselling is carried out for an additional fee, it is not a part of our basic contract. Naturally, if we experience any deficiency, we will note it to the customer.

Operation of a social security disbursement agency

If your company is with a workforce of more than 100 employes, you must ensure that the fcash benefits of health insurance are accounted for and paid to workers locally, at your own social security disbursement agency. As well as this public service is required by law, employees will appreciate that they receive the benefits /e.g. sickness benefit/ much sooner than from the National Health Insurance Found.

As a true specialist in this professional field, we operate a social security disbursement agency for one of the largest Hungarian employers and perform a range of professional HR tasks for more than 13.000 employees, including personal customer service and the voluntary health found administration.

Do you urgently need for payroll and/or social security administration?

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