Tax advisory and tax planning: Don’t make money only for paying taxes

An honest business does not want to avoid paying taxes. But it makes a big difference that when and how much you must pay!

What can tax advisory offer you?

During tax counselling we will review your company’s operation and see if there is an option in tax laws that can legally reduce the tax burdens of your business.

We review the economic processes of your business and inform you in advance on the expected tax obligations. If you request this service of ours on time, the carefully implemented tax pre-planning the amount of the tax liability may be reduced, and significant tax savings can be achieved, on the other hand, the amount of tax to be paid becomes financially more plannable.

My enterprise is too small, why do I need tax advisory?

Contrary to popular belief, tax advice is not the privilege of multinational companies. Since your business also has tax paying liability, you are obviously looking for the best plans for yourself. But if you want to take the legal opportunities ensured for you, you should know your rights and your possibilities.

A lot of time needs to be spent constantly following jurisprudence and legislation – even for a professional

The economic and legal environment is constantly changing. We can say without any exaggeration that having up-to-date knowledge of laws and regulations is a complex, time-consuming task even for a professional. Following these changes is even more demanding for a company manager. Moreover, there are differences between legislation and jurisprudence, this fact has to be taken into account: in addition to knowing the law, it is also necessary to be aware of how it should be applied correctly, in practice.

Let’s have a look at concrete examples!

Here are some specific options in which tax advice can help your company (we chose examples that are important for the operation of any company, regardless of the size of the business):

  • we can reduce wage contributions
  • the corporate income tax can be reduced
  • the local business tax can be reduced
  • we work out the optimal way to take out the profits generated by the company
  • if the company were to buy a real estate, we will advise on the transaction in such a way that it will be the most favourable, taking into account the requirements of the various tax laws
  • if the company were to buy a car, we calculate which construction is the most advantageous construction for them

Representation during official controls

There is also an occasion when we come into contact with the customer during a tax audit, in connection with a tax discovery, posteriorly. In this case, it is our job to protect the interests of the taxpayer against the tax authorities. If the National Tax and Customs Authorities is in control of your business, if you are summoned to a witness hearing with the tax authorities, instead of unnecessary nervousness take the advantages of our representative service!

We prepare you for what is to happen, if you request, we accompany or represent you or your enterprise. If you have been through these, but the audit was closed with unfaourable results, ask for our assistance immediately after the receiption of the tax authority’s report!

Let’s get to know each other in person: