The future of accounting: not a hussle, but the most useful help

It is said that accounting helps you to see through the operation and financial situation of your enterprise – however, in reality, accountancy is a jungle in turmoil for you? Is the relationship between your business and accounting means for you that you get a sea of documents that you have to send to your accountant to calculate the taxes?

You are not the first enterpreneur to face this problem. With more than 17 years of professional experience in the MASC accounting office, we have developed a working method which gets the head of this desperate situation. You can work with us quickly, discreetly and up-to-date, as a result of it we can help you in making decisions with important and accurate data. We can provide sufficient support for you to focus entirely on your profession and business.

Why are we different from other accounting offices? The simplest way to put it is this:

Accounting is not a one-man show, it is a team game!

What an enterprise might need in accounting, that cannot be supplied by a single professional in many cases, since he or she should have an equally good professional knowledge of accountancy, tax advice, wage and labour matters, etc. The MASC accounting office has gathered the specialists from different professional fields t.o provide a complex and responsible service.

When we worked out our system, we wanted to be sharply distreative of the way how accountants generally worked and that you might have already encountered….

The accountant either tells you or not

Don’t you have good experiences with accountants? Well, most accounting and tax advisory office provides a personless and average service to their clients: they posteriorly try to make the best possible out of the – often unpleasant – events that have already occured, with legal methods, mostly unsuccessfully. But there is a more effective method!

MASC reverses the process and casts its vote on pre-planning, since there are many predictable costs and events in the life of an enterprice and counting with these many pitfalls and problems can be avoided.

Personal presence is an important part of our work. We are ready to take time to get to know your business, your activity thoroughly. We provide personal and regular consultations for our partners: our goal is to proactively make the operation of a business smooth.

What our way of working is based on?

We provide an own contact for each of our customers, who, in addition to carrying out the usual specialized tasks –whether it is accountancy, payroll, presentation of legal knowledge or policies – is at your disposal with personalised advice and assistance.

We do not regret the time, neither the sharing of our expertise: we are thinking of a long-term partnership, which is only possible if we take the success of your business to heart.

Even in fact, using the common knowledge basis provided by our team members, we want to help businesses as a real decision supporting partner.

We don’t just think about the future, but with th help of modern technology we also bring it: with the latest, modernest tools, we provide fast and efficient work that help us to remove all possible burdens from the shoulder of our clients. Our MZ/X digital office system allows our clients to handle their financial and accounting business from the comfort of their home or office.

Message from the future or Let’s go together!

Dare to enterprise! We will be active partners in building your business and even before the start we can help you to create the future as you imagined it. What do you face when you start a business? Do you need to select a company form? Do you need to select a tax form? Whether a permission is required to carry out the choosen activity? You will have to decide on such and many other issues: how much easier would it be if you got professional help at the beginning?

Think about your future!

If you want to run a business

●which lets you sleep calmly because everything is moving in the best direction and progressing
● where you do not stay alone with your problems, your questions
● where you can focus on your own work and it is not the tasks of others that take your time
● where the consequences of your business decisions are already presented to you even in the planning period

then we are the ideal supporting partner for you!

Let’s get to know each other in person: