Bacteria and viruses in the body

If you read or watch/listen to the news these days, all you can hear about is bacteria and viruses and epidemics. We are almost there, that Hungary will be the home of not only the 10 million football head coaches (because everyone in our little country knows football, right) but also the home of the 10 million epidemiological professionals.

That wasn’t the way it used to be. I remember that when I spent most of my childhood years in the grandparent’s house in the immediate vicinity of Győrszeme train station – next to which, as a bicycle collection point and a biofuel filling place for their owners, aunt Magdus David’s buffet (it’s o.k.: pub) – about the bacterium, I long thought it was a rum-based protective drink made exclusively for railwaymen (bacterium). 😊 All right, of course, this is only a joke, but the railwaymen of Szemere and the passengers of the railways did not joke about health, they took seriously the admonimonary of the chief medical officer, or simply believed in the effectiveness of daily drinking of protective drinks.

In this section, Dear Reader got used to receiving information and viewpoints about business-related things. I reassure everyone that this time it will be the same way, I will stick to the same thing, I will leave the healing to others. Although, speaking of healing, I also “heal” as head of an accounting and tax consulting office for a significant part of my working hours, only in my “practice” patients are not persons, but companies, businesses. But instead of post-healing and problem solving, I believe much more in prevention. This blog is also serves this purpose, to focus entrepreneurs’ attention well in advance in areas where usually a large number of dangers may occur.

Well, if we’re living in 2020, let’s call on the Internet quickly to see what exactly these expressions mean: bacteria and virus?

Bacteria: Bacteria are single-celled, mostly micrometer-sized microorganisms. They have a varied appearance: their cells can be shaped like spheres, sticks, twists, etc. Bacteria are found in all habitats on Earth: water, land or air, even deep-sea heat sources and nuclear waste. Most of the bacteria are harmless or useful, but there are also some pathogenic (pathogenic) bacteria that trigger infectious diseases, such as cholera, syphilis, anthrax, leprosy or the causative agent of the plague.

Virus: viruses are called the smallest known microorganisms, pathogens smaller than bacteria. Their names derive from the Latin word “poison”, because before their discovery, the researchers did not find the bacterium pathogens of some viral infections, assuming that these diseases were caused not by cells, but only by toxic, innatant, but somehow bioactive (infectious) substances.

Great, let’s get the essence together, quickly:

– they have a varied appearance,
– they can be found everywhere,
– most of them are harmless or useful,
– but there are also some types of infectious diseases,
– they “poison”their environment, i.e. the organization in which they are staying, make it sick.

In the midst of the global political, macroeconomic and media hysteria associated with the coronavirus, I came to the realisation that, as doctors are currently with the COVID-19 virus, business leaders are having trouble detecting the presence of the problem due to the viruses and bacteria lurking in their own business: the long incubation period, the varied appearance and the symptoms that occur in different ways.

But what, i.e. who are the pathogens present in the company’s organization?

Well, those employees who don’t build, move your company forward, destroy your organization, make your organization sick. They’re the so-called counter-creaters. In other words, they are always doing something against the real goal of the business. Either they are fighting the goals because they do not have the right professional knowledge to carry out the tasks in the field (but they are the lesser threat, because professional inadequacy usually blinds the company manager first) or they are very good at their profession, but their intentions are hostile. They’re the virusworkers, they’re the real sickeners of an organism)

but why is it so hard to observe them?

Well, that’s because

– they have a varied appearance,
– they can be found everywhere,
– most of them are harmless or useful, or at least seem to be
– long incubation period

But, which perhaps the most important thing is: THE BUSINESS MANAGER DOES NOT HAVE THE EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE TO RECOGNIZE, IDENTIFY AND HANDLE the workers who cause the damage.

He or she will only realize it how bad the situation is, when the organization, or the company is very ill.

There are many places to read about it, hundreds and thousands of business leaders have already stated that the biggest and most problems and headaches for him in his company are not caused by the inadequate quality of raw material, the machines that may fail, or the changing market environment, but by his COLLEAGUES!

In other words, the biggest source of problems for a business manager is inadequate LABOUR!

It is necessary to draw up the attention:it is not about the workforce in general, i.e. the inadequacy of all workers, but only about the INADEQUATE WORKFORCE, i.e. the COUNTER-CREATERS.

What problems can virusworkers cause in your business organization?

  • How became healthy workers infected?
  • How do you know that the body is sick?
  • How do you handle it?
  • How can you prevent the disease?

You can read recommendations and advice on staff management in our blog on our website. Click there boldly! But in the meantime, wash your hands often and don’t drink rum with the railwaymen of Győrszemere! 😊

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