The 5 most important pillars of efficient payroll / social security administration

The 5 most important pillars of efficient payroll / social security administration

We have put together a short survey to give you an accurate picture of how efficiently your payroll and social security administration processes and employees are currently operating. Evaluate the current situation and see exactly where your development points are in the company.

Are there any sufficient staff available to carry out payroll tasks, currently?

  • Yes, we have the right number of employees with whom we can perfectly solve payroll tasks. (3)
  • There are already qualified workers to carry out the tasks, but in order to be prepared for all situations, it would be necessary to hire more staff for the right number of people. (2)
  • We do not have the sufficient workforce and we cannot solve this problem at this time. We often cannot meet deadlines, and substitution is also a serious challenge. (1)

Is the substitution of the payroll accountant solved for the duration of her leave, illness and prolonged absence?

  • Yes, we can solve it perfectly, the employees receive the previously requested leave, the substitutions are also solved within the team. (3)
  • Generally, we can solve it, however, it happens that due to unexpected diseases or other reasons it causes us great concern who to replace the colleague with. (2)
  • No, we cannot solve the substitution for a longer period of time, unfortunately, we are few of us. (1)

Is the knowledge of the payroll/social security colleagues always up to date?

  • Yes, we constantly train them, their knowledge is up to date. We draw up a separate annual training plan for our colleagues. (3)
  • We do not train them, many information can be found on the Internet, so that sometimes happens that we have to spend more energy on solving a problem. (2)
  • I don’t know if they go to training courses, I trust, they train themselves. (1)

Are the payroll / social security administration processes optimized adequately within the company?

  • Yes, we continuously optimize the processes within the company. It is highly important for us that our colleagues do their job effectively. For that, we provide them with an appropriate environment. (3)
  • There are some processes that we have already managed to optimize, but there is still more to be done. Besides our everyday work, we try to improve our work processes, but we progress slowly with it. (2)
  • No, unfortunately, we did not have time to deal with it yet, but it has already been planned. We know where the points that need to be improved are, but currently we have more important challenges. (1)

How often does it happen that an error slips into the accounting or the payment of social security benefits?

  • It has never happened yet, this is why we train our colleagues and improve our processes constantly. (3)
  • Unfortunately, it has happened once or twice, but we trust that it will not happen again. (2)
  • It often happens that an error slips into the accounting. It would be useful to improve our processes and train our colleagues. (1)

0-10 points: Based on your answers, we think that you face significant challenges. It can cause frustration each day performing everyday payroll tasks with the existing number of employees.

You should definitely think about increasing the number and knowledge of your staff, resolving the substitution problems.
In the current situation, there are significant operational risks in the performance of their duties. If you cannot do it in-house so that you work more optimally with fewer mistakes, we are happy to help you.

11-13 points: We think that you operate properly in some areas, but so there are some operational risks that can cause serious problems day by day.

We are aware of that in the current environment it is quite difficult to find proper, prepared and motivated colleagues who are able to replace each other. If you think that it is also a serious challenge in your company to find the solution for the current situation (e.g. completing social security / payroll tasks on time, optimizing processes), then contact us with confidence, we help you.

14-15 points: We are truly pleased that your payroll team is working so efficiently and optimally.

We have met few companies like you, where the continuous development, education, substitution of the employees and compliance with deadlines are so solved.
Congratulations, keep going! If you think you want to continue to develop, optimize your payroll and social security payment processes, contact us and we will help you.

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