It is better to give than get…


The end of the year – Christmas, time for gifting – is coming. However, not only to receive a gift, but also to give is a very good feeling. Like many other companies, MASC Ltd. has surprised its customers and employees with various Christmas gifts for many years.

A few years ago, however, we linked the gifting to our company’s social responsibility, and decided – together with our clients – to use the money originally planned for company Christmas gifts for charitable purposes.

It is better to give than get…

It is better to give than get…


Our colleagues were also happy to join this initiative, thus, since 2018, every year, forints to be spent on the Christmas presents of our clients and employees have been given as a donation to worthy NGOs.

Who to support is decided by the recommendation and vote of our colleagues. They, in the earlier years, among others, decided to donate the following NGOs : Red Nose Clown Doctors Foundation, Lurkó Foundation,  Foundation for the Patients of the Firefighter Street Children’s Clinic, Foundation for Intensive Therapy for Children and the Foundation for Healthy Newborns Győr.


This year, the vote is already underway among the colleagues and we will soon find out which NGOs will be supported by MASC Ltd. in 2021.

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