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In an article published in Forbes magazine you can briefly read /4 minutes/ about the digital service of MASC, called MZ/X. This, among other things, makes the work in MASC accounting offices fundamentally different compared to normal procedure. What is this about? MZ/X allows customers to upload accounting documents to a secure storage created for them, and the professionals of the accounting office will process the received information up to immediately. The result is: relevant, fresh data regarding the financial situation of the company. The current financial decisions can be made by the customer if he knows the current financial data.

But that is just one argument for the MASC. But there other things to say about, that:

  • there was a time when we booked for nearly 100 customers – we have now deliberately reduced this numger, even if we have two offices.
  • we provide services to micro-enterprises in the same way as to multinational companies with a turnover of euro billions, such as Audi Hungária Zrt.
  • how we build trust with our customers
  • and also turns out that how many of our customers have been found to have tax deficits during a tax office audit in the last 17 years.

The text of the article:

An accounting office can also be cool

MASC Ltd. fundamentally transforms the stereotypical image of accounting offices. Their digital service called MZ/X provides almost real-time assistance to the business leaders in financial decisions, and their professional supporting attitude makes the operation of the companies more efficient and more predictable in the long term.

„From the very beginning, our vision was to be more and different than a traditional accounting office.” – begins Zoltán Marczali managing director, telling their 15-years history.

In the memories of the professional being in the second half of his fourties, the experiences of the early years seem to be vivid. Originally, he wanted to be a lawyer, later he worked for the Social Security Board and then with the National Tax and Customs Authorities. The experiences gained here had created the basis for the intellectual capital of the newly founded firm (Marczali Accounting and Support Company). At the moment, MASC has three offices, two of these can be found in Győr, one is situated in Budapest. Among their clients micro-enterprises can also be found near the multinational companies with turnover of billions, such as Audi Hungária Zrt.


„The accountant or the acoounting office lives in the minds of enterpreneurs usually as a necessary evil: someone, who has to pay to and brings bad news almost always. From the very beginning, we have been trying to change this image and to assure our customers that our work creates serious added value and we can provide real support to them.” The philosophical basis of the company is that they handle their clients as partners and try to make them behave like that, too. All of their customers are treated as equally important one, they do not regret the time and effort to map, to study in detail the exact operation of the given company. The more information they have, the more transparent for them the structure and operation of a company, so the more effectively they can support their activities, which can quickly bring quantifiable benefits. They believe that absolute trust and discretion are essential to establish a close relationship.

„To make professional work, well-organized environment is also needed. Our clients can book an appointment in our offices and during that period all of our colleagues will only deal with their affairs.

Our most important clients do not even have to bother not even that much, on request, my colleagues will personally visit them in their own office. Recording of the date in advance allows us to prepare properly and to help as effectively as possible.”

„The success of an accounting office is mostly measured in that whether during a tax office audit the company is condemned or not. In the past 15 years, there was only one of our clients who has been found to have tax deficit, during such an audit,” – states the managing director. But it was not uncommon either when they had almost 100 clients. Today, this number is lower in order to provide an even higher quality service. Currently, the number of staff serving the proincipals is 24, and Zoltan is visibly proud of them. Friendly atmosphere characterises the office and they act as a real team at work. In addition, thanks tot he frequent trainings, they can help customers with up-to-date knowledge and innovative solutions.


The next period has a lot of excitement at MASC: from the beginning of the year starts live as well their service called MZ/X has been tested for months at some clients. The essence of the cloud-based system is that a secure storage space have been created for each clients ont he server of the company where the customers can upload anytime, from anywhere, every accounting-related documents. It is not only very convenient, but also has practical advantages: the professionals of MASC will immediately start processing the data received in order to send back relevant, up-to-data to the clients.

This level of being up-to-date was unimaginable, prevouisly. Thus, the current financial decisions can be made with much greater security. „For example, there is no surprise about the amount of VAT to be paid if we can keep our customers informed during the month, but we can also provide any other information based on the needs of our customers.” The new system helps conscious planning and management, it can eliminate many uncertainties, moreover, it does not cost more than the traditional accountancy services. We are living in the age of analysis of giant datasets. It is easy to see in the case of one company that the new documents, data and information generated day by day, being in the right hands and well-processed can be extremely valuable for the future.

The service can be completely customized to a company, you can assign different the permissions, and thanks to the mobile app, it is truly accessible from anywhere.

To the introduction and design of the service also led by the philosophy which characterises the company from the beginning. „The National Tax and Customs Authorities started introducing online cash registers a few years ago, and soon it will be drafting tax returns. It is not hard to see that we would soon have been out of work if we were not attentive and innovative and provided customers with an extra service beyond traditional accounting services.”

At MASC, the spirit supporting and treating the customers as partners, the effective use of digital technologies and the professional approach to work meet at one point, which can provide together a reliable and effective support to any enterprises.

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